*PLEASE* wear a mask inside building and while loading


This is the first alpine coaster in Georgia. We’re located in downtown Helen, GA. Our staff is ready to help guide you through an unforgettable experience. The track was built by the top manufacturer of alpine coasters in the world.

How It Works

Step 1 : Purchase a ticket from the ticket window. Make sure to lock away any loose items. We have lockers available. 

Step 2 : Go to the loading ramp, and get ready to get in your cart. An employee will help guide you through this process, and get you buckled in.

Step 3 : An operator will give instructions on rules for your ride. Make sure you pay attention to the rules.

Step 4 : Enjoy your ride. Don’t forget to go fast, it is more fun when you go fast.

First Ride - $16 per Adult

                     - $13 per Child 7-12

                     - $6 per Child 3-6

Second Ride - Half Price